Packing Supplies – Where to Find Them and What You’ll Need

When the time comes to move house, many people choose to do the packing themselves. Sourcing your own packing supplies and packing your own shipment can certainly save you some money, but for some it’s probably more about wanting to make sure that their treasured possessions are treated carefully.

If you have hired a reliable moving company to perform your relocation you shouldn’t worry about your things getting damaged by the packers, these people are professionals and can probably pack your goods more securely than you are able to!

If you still want to do your own packing you’ll need to collect enough packing supplies to wrap, pad, box and tape all of your things, so here is some advice about what you’ll need and where you might find it.

Sourcing Packing Supplies

When sourcing packing supplies for your household goods, packing supplies a great place to find clean, sturdy boxes is at your local liquor store, or a beer and wine store (one that sells plenty of wine and spirits will have better packing supplies, beer flats aren’t so useful!).


  • You can also collect clean boxes from your local supermarkets, but inspect them carefully to make sure that they are dry and empty of insects and food remnants.
  • Only choose strong, corrugated cartons with tops or flaps so that you can shut them properly and stack them, open topped boxes are very difficult for movers to deal with, they may even require your goods to be shifted into a box that can be closed, which will cause a last minute delay and possibly an extra charge.
  • Recycling your newspapers as packing material sounds like a great idea, but keep in mind that newsprint ink may rub off and stain your belongings. Reliable movers recommend that you use blank paper (and should be able to supply it!).